Painter By The Lake

OUTDOOR GALLERY OPEN MOST SUMMER, SPRING AND FALL DAYS (For winter please visit the Gallery inside) 

Call 1=807-627-1561 or visit 224 Church St., Rossport, Ontario

About the Artist


Northern Ontario has always been home for Beverley Turpin, as she has lived in the Northern  Ontario towns to the majestic north shores of Lake Superior.  In 2015, after an 8 year singing debut with the North Shore Singers, it disbanded and   Beverley required a new outlet.  A well respected painter and instructor Sonja Van Rooyen, accepted Beverley into a 2nd year painting class in 2015 and this  is where Beverley's painting chronicles began .  After displaying her latest creations with her family, Painter By The Lake was founded.  Beverley is inspired of the natural beauty and magnificent landscapes of the North Shore that surrounds her.  Beverley never misses an opportunity to learn.  She has expanded her interest in art and guided by numerous local and international artists.  Beverley is grateful for the encouragement and support from various instructors and is forever grateful to her mentor Sonja Van Rooyen, whom passed in 2016.  Beverley's  artwork can be viewed  & purchased at her home   Church St., Rossport, Ontario or simply by other processes mentioned in the contact section.  Beverley's OUTDOOR GALLERY is open most sunny Spring-Summer-Fall days, simply text to see if open at 1-807-627-1561.  Her artwork is also displayed at the LIghthouse Gallery & the Olive House in Terrace Bay,  the Serendipity Gardens & Cafe and the Old Shed in Rossport.

Photograph of Rossport ( right) : 

Credit to Photographer:  Becky  Kagan Schott (